Jetairfly Baggage

Airlines Name Free cabin baggage limits Free checked baggage limits
Jetairfly weight: 6 kg, dimensions: height + length + width = max. 115 cm Maximum weight

weight: 15 kg


To know more about Jetairfly baggage allowance and fees:

Hand-baggage is also subject to restrictions.
For obvious reasons of safety and with a view to the comfort of the passengers, only one piece of hand-baggage is allowed per passenger. Hand- baggage is baggage that you keep with you during the flight. The dimensions must be small (55 x 40 x 20 cm, total of the dimensions maximum 115 cm) and its weight cannot exceed 10 kg.
On account of the limited space available, it is possible that not all large hand-baggage items (55 x 40 x 20cm) can be transported in the cabin; the remaining items will be transported free of charge in the hold.
Hand-baggage exceeding these dimensions and/or this weight will be refused at the boarding gate.
Sometimes the exceeding amount of  hand-baggage can be transported in the baggage compartment, subject to additional cost.
Infants (babies under the age of 2) are not allowed to have any hand-baggage. See art. 8.2.2. regarding the transport of prams, strollers and (car-) carrying baskets.

1. The baggage transported free of charge is limited to the weight indicated on the (master)ticket. Overweight will be charged by the air carrier upon check-in. The weight of a travelling case is limited to 32 kg.

The maximum baggage dimensions are 80 x 60 x 25cm, but the total dimensions may never exceed 158cm.

When travelling with Tui Airlines Belgium NV each paying passenger is allowed to take 15 kg of baggage on short and medium haul flights, 20 kg on long haul flights (Comfort class : 30 kg) *.
Infants less than 2 years : 15 kg of baggage on short and medium haul flights, 20 kg on long haul flights*.

The baggage allowance is only valid per person. The reservation of an additional seat for a single person, for example to improve comfort, does not entitle the passenger to carry extra baggage.

2. !! Overweight beyond the normal allowed luggage can be reserved in advance (up to 2 days before departure) on Tui Airlines Belgium NV (JAF) and Freebird (FHY) flights. (to a maximum of 20kg pp.)
For a fixed price per way and a certain number of kilos :

For the short -and medium-haul routes :
+5 kg : € 5 (+/- 56,50 MAD)
+10 kg : € 30 (+/- 333 MAD)
+15 kg : € 65 (+/- 722 MAD)
+20 kg : € 100 (+/- 1110 MAD)

• For long-haul routes* :
+5 kg : € 10 (+/- 113 MAD)
+10 kg : € 70 (+/- 791 MAD)
+15 kg : € 130 (+/- 1469 MAD)
+20 kg : € 190 (+/- 2147 MAD)

If it is not booked in advance, the following charge is estimated at the airport (at check-in):
• 12 € per kilo for the short -and medium-haul routes (+/- 136 MAD).
• 15 € per kilo for long-haul routes (+/- 170 MAD)*

3.  The rate for overweight baggage varies according to the destination and the applicable rates of the air carrier.
The carrier does not accept any responsibility for valuable, fragile and/or perishable goods transported in the registered baggage.

* Long haul flights : to Cuba,  Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico and USA.