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EasyJet Baggage

All information about EasyJet baggage fees and allowances in one page!

Information about free EasyJet baggage limits:

Airline’s Name Free Cabin baggage limits Free Checked baggage limits
EasyJet Maximum Dimensions of  Luggage: 22 x 16 x 8in/ 55 x 40 x 20 cm (length + width + height)    maximum weight of  20kg.    

Updated March 31, 2016

To know more about EasyJet baggage fees and allowances: http://www.easyjet.com/en/help/preparing-to-fly/baggage

More detailed information about EasyJet baggage fees and allowances below:

Maximum Dimensions of Carry-on Luggage: 22 x 16 x 8in/ 55 x 40 x 20 cm (length + width + height)

EasyJet charges a flat fee for every item of checked baggage up to 44lb/20kg. The applicable online fee will be displayed at the time of booking baggage (whether during or after booking your flight). Alternatively, you may choose to pay at the airport, but it will be a higher fee.

Payment of the fee provides you with an aggregate allowance of 20kg across all pieces of checked baggage.

Overweight Baggage Fees

Currency Excess Baggage per kg
GBP 11.00
EUR 14.00
CHF 20.00
DKK 93.00
CSK 300.00
HUF 3,800.00
PLN 55,00
MAD 140.00
USD 16.00

Some checked items, such as surfboards and bicycles will be charged a fixed handling fee in addition to the standard fee plus any applicable fee per kg over the allotted 20 kg.

Currency Per flight (when pre-paid online) Per flight (paid at the airport)
GBP 27.00 35.00
EUR 35.00
CHF 45.00 55.00
DDK 232.00 278.00
CSK 800 950.00
HUF 9,400.00 11,300.00
PLN 137.00 165.00
MAD 40.00 48.00
USD 345.00 415.00